Emma Ducharme is a Tkarón:to based multidisciplinary artist. Ducharme graduated with a BFA in Drawing & Painting from OCAD University in 2021, and recently presented works in the Untapped section at the Artist Project, at the Latcham Art Centre, and at the Art Gallery of Hamilton. Her work seeks to expand our perspectives on identity beyond merely the representational, specifically as she learns to navigate her own identity as a queer woman. Her practice is a space of constant growth and change, contradictory to consumerist culture rooted in repetition and saleability.
Through her often playful use of colour and stern materiality, Ducharme invites a larger questioning on the illusory nature of life and being; on the ways in which what we see is not always what it seems.
With her curvilinear geometric wall sculptures, Ducharme invokes conversations around the intricacies of materiality, femininity, and identity; musing on their delicate balance.
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